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Training Tips

Thank you for visiting K-9 Perspective!

K-9 Perspective's training program is geared to teaching your dog how to better interact and focus on you. We strive to build a strong balanced working relationship between you and your dog. Our program is geared to the individual's needs and their dog.

At K-9 Perspective we know not all dogs are the same so we address your dog's needs as an individual to better fit into your home and family. We believe that what works for one dog and person may not work for every dog and person. Our main good goal is to create a happy, healthy, rewarding relationship between you and your dog.

We train you with the dog so that you both are learning at the same time how to better build your relationship to a happier more rewarding one that you both enjoy.

Our training methods are formed using positive reinforcement and marking the correct behavior in your dog.

Please visit our K-9 Perspective page to learn more about our training philosophy.